Dee McLachlan was born in South Africa, and spent many of her early years rock climbing on Table Mountain in Cape Town, the Alps and Patagonia. She completed an Honours degree in ecology and Botany before writing environmental impact reports for the Cape Town City Council and the University of Cape Town. 

She began her film career making an adventure documentary in Patagonia, and her first professional employment was as a film editor of the weekly movie newsreels for Ster Kinekor. Dee has made television, corporate and seven feature films across the globe for over 3 ½  decades - and has has lived in South Africa, England, California and now in Melbourne, Australia.

She also started a children's book publishing company and news blog, Gumshoe News. She worked with Andrea Buck in the company, The Picture Tank.


Veronica Sywak (lead, THE JAMMED) and Dee at the 2007 IF awards 

Working with DOP Peter Falk