Dee has made films all over the globe - from the Masai Mara in Kenya with “Running Wild” (Brooke Shields, Martin Sheen); to The Double-O-Kid” in Downtown Los Angeles (Cory Haim, Bridget Nielson); to the jungles of Sri Lanka with TriStar Columbia's "The Second Jungle Book" (Roddy McDowall). Her first feature was the action/comedy "Scavengers", followed by the Australian road thriller "Deadly Chase" - and has directed films from $100k to $7.5 million.


Born in South Africa, she began her career in documentaries with the multi-award winning, break through extreme documentary “Solo Ascent” and other films like "Silent Hunter” - winner of a Gold Award at the NY Film Festival (1987). Through her television company, Moving Pictures, she directed and produced over 50 programs of drama and documentaries for the broadcaster in South Africa – including the number one rating 13 part Soweto action/comedy series “Steelman”.


After immigrating to Australia, she made “The Jammed” (as writer, director and producer), hailed by Australia’s leading critics (the likes of David Stratton) as “The Best Australian film of 2007”, receiving 7 AFI nominations (2008) and winning Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Music at the Inside Film 2007 IF Awards. She made the experimental comedy “10Terrorists”; won a Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Awards 2012 for the medical drama "A Doctor's Life", and has directed Oz television -- directing a block of Australian’s prestigious and top cable television show – the prison drama “Wentworth” (Freemantle Media).

She directed the supernatural horror/thriller "Out Of The Shadows", and more recently "The Wheel" (David Arquette) at Dockland Studios, Melbourne. 


2013. Dee directed a block on series 2, WENTWORTH - the top rated television Australian prison series. Extracts from episodes 5 and 6.

Dee directed, scripted and was one of the producers of THE JAMMED. With a budget of $550,000 it was shot in 19 days in Melbourne. The film won numerous awards and broke all records for an Australian film for opening week screen average earning $49,000 on one screen it its first week, and even more the second week. The film was acclaimed as “the best Australian film of 2007” by several major critics in Australia – including (At The Movies) David Stratton in The Australian (26/12/07) and The Age's, Jim Schrembri (16/08/07).

Dee directed and co-produced this experimental feature, 10Terrorists, a spoof on reality television. It was filmed in 7 days.